2012 - Cáceres

SSCLE Officers at Caceres Meeting
Eighth Quadrennial Conference of the SSCLE in Cáceres, Spain

Monday June 25 - Friday June 29, 2012


Conference Communications




  Madrid-Cáceres, July 9th 2012

Dear members and participants in the conference,

In the general assembly of the SSCLE which took place in Cáceres on Friday 29th June, Luis specified the requirements which papers to be published in the proceedings should have. Let us remind you now about them:

-         Only participants who selected the ‘Proceedings’ option in the Registration Form and paid the 30 euros fee can submit their paper for publication.

-         The style sheet will be that of our review ‘Crusades’. Those papers which do not conform to these norms will be returned to authors for correction. In case that they do not, the article will be rejected.

-         The length of the paper should be 7.000 words including footnotes. If any paper exceeds that number, it will be sent back to the author for readjustment. It is very important that the extension keeps within those limits. There are about 50 papers, and the systematic breaking of the maximum length would imply more than one volume. We cannot obviously afford that. If any author eventually refuses to shorten the paper, his/her contribution will not be published.

-         The papers will have to be submitted in Word, and the images in TIFF.format. Other programmes or formats will not be accepted.

-         Maps, plans, diagrams and above all pictures should be highly selective (maximum number per paper five) and always black and white. They increase the cost of the publication immensely. These items should be sent separately from the text.

-         The deadline for sending the papers is April 1st 2013.

-         The papers should be e-mailed to Professor Manuel Rojas (dtorpublicaciones@unex.es).

-         One printed proof will be sent to authors in September 2013. It will have to be sent back to the above mentioned e-mail address within a month.

-         If everything runs as programmed, the book will come out in early 2014.

-         All these arrangements are dependent on Professor Manuel Rojas continuing as head of Extremadura University Press.

With our very best wishes to you all for the summer,

Luis García-Guijarro,
Secretary of the SSCLE

Manuel Rojas,
Assistant Secretary of the SSCLE

  Madrid-Cáceres, July 9th 2012

Dear members and participants in the conference,

A preliminary estimation of income and expenses related to the Eighth Quadrennial conference of the SSCLE was circulated among you all in the general assembly of the SSCLE which took place at the ‘Complejo San Francisco’ in Cáceres on the evening of Friday 29th June. New unexpected expenses have appeared which distort an already very tight budget. They show that a few members did not understand the circumstances in which the conference took place and did not act in the austere way that those circumstances required. As a result the extra expenses have put the organizers in a very difficult position, although we hope that negotiations with the hotel Quinto Centenario and with the restaurant Los Golfines will lead to a successful agreement.

Apart from other minutiae, two of the most significant examples of extra expenses are the following:

  • 400 euros on photocopies at the Hotel Quinto Centenario. We had warned all participants in a letter which was sent a few days before the conference started, and which was also included in the conference material, that for financial reasons the sessions would take place in a private, not in an academic or institutional environment. Those participants who wished to distribute copies could well either have brought them themselves or sent the originals in advance, so that Manuel and I could have photocopied them at no cost in our own universities. What might be perhaps considered a careless attitude of some members has generated a significant debt. 
  • The farewell dinner menu which we had arranged with the Restaurant Los Golfines included 37 bottles of wine which amounted to almost a bottle per person, mainly taking into account that quite a few participants did not drink wine for dietetic or cultural reasons. To our great distress the restaurant informed us a few days ago that an extra of 22 bottles of wine were consumed. We honestly find the behaviour of a few members unbelievable to express it softly. The merry disposition of some participants will cost an extra of 300 euros, though we hope to reduce that sum with a bit of luck.
  • The behaviour of a few has not only caused even more financial problems to the organization of the conference, but offered a deplorable image of the Society to people who have nothing to do with the academic milieu. For instance, waiters and management at the hotel were shocked at some people snatching food at the coffee breaks and hiding it in napkins to take it away. Not to mention some odious despotic behaviour towards hotel personnel who were going well over their duty to satisfy all of us. From our point of view some participants have taken extreme kindness for servitude.
As it could not be otherwise, most of the members who participated in the conference have of course nothing to do with the above mentioned incidents, and so the comments do not affect them in the least. But we feel that, as a mature group of scholars, all participants should know what has happened, and how the behaviour of a few affects the whole lot and the reputation of the SSCLE.

These incidents do not touch at all on our happiness and deep satisfaction at having met you in Cáceres, a part of Spain many of you had not probably been to. We are also glad at the quality of the papers and at the sociability which favoured contacts. As I publicly told those participants who were present at the general meeting, Manuel and I had nothing to do with it. You were the ones who created the right intellectual and social atmosphere to make the conference a success. As organizers of this intellectual gathering, we are immensely grateful to you all.

We wish you a lovely summer and hope to meet most of you in a not too distant future,

Luis García-Guijarro,
Secretary of the SSCLE
Manuel Rojas,
Asisstant Secretary of the SSCLE



  Huesca, June 10th 2012



Dear members and participants,


The time of the society’s conference has almost arrived and we are much looking forward to meeting you either at Madrid Barajas airport or straight in Cáceres in roughly a couple of weeks. We have unfortunately been forced to make some changes on the original plans due to the present severe economic and financial crisis, and mainly due to the small number of participants, only around 70. This fact has seriously upset our planning which was based on the reasonable amount of about 120 members attending the conference; these were the Avignon numbers. After much struggling, we have managed to keep the budget straight, but some small variations have been necessary. All participants who have chosen the accommodation suggested by the organizers in the Registration Form will be concentrated in one hotel, the Hotel Barceló Quinto Centenario. Otherwise the cost per person would have been much higher, because the extremely favourable offers we were given by the two hotels were submitted to the condition of booking 60 rooms at each of them. It is obvious that we can only use one of the two if we wish to stick, as we do, to the set of prices included in the Registration Form which reached members in early December 2011.

The second change affects the place of sessions. We would have difficulties in getting a huge reconverted fifteenth century Franciscan convent for free, as it was planned, if we are only going to occupy one or two conference rooms. When we originally approached more than a year ago the regional government to which this monument belongs (the University of Extremadura has no control over it), they were helpful and willing to offer the convent with no charges. At the beginning of May they told us instead that we would have to pay 1000 euros for the use of the complex daily, and this amount does not include coffee breaks. Under such circumstances the conference would not have been financially feasible. So we have been forced to transfer the sessions to the Hotel Quinto Centenario, which has been by the way extremely helpful in this respect. The ‘Complejo San Francisco’ will just be used for the opening and closing of the conference on the evenings of Monday June 25th and Friday June 29th. After much discussion with politicians and managers we have succeeded in getting a big conference room for free.

This obviously affects the amount of money many of you have already paid, mainly when you have done so including internal transport in Cáceres. We will calculate the cost of using the buses only two days, on Monday and on Friday, and also the different room prices when that is case. We shall obviously reimburse you during the conference the money which is due.

We are extremely sorry that all this has happened, and also apologize for the inconveniences these changes may cause you. But, please, be sure that the above mentioned alternatives are the only possible ones. Without these drastic last minute changes the conference would have had to be cancelled, because we could not have coped with the huge cost unless the registration fee were increased to prohibitive levels, a step that has never crossed our minds.


With our very best wishes,



Luis García-Guijarro,

Secretary of the SSCLE


Manuel Rojas

Assistant Secretary of the SSCLE