2016 - Odense

Diversity of Crusading. Ninth Quadrennial conference of the SSCLE. Odense, 27 June - 1 July 2016

By June 1216, various preparations had begun for the numerous crusading expeditions inspired by the Fourth Lateran Council in November 1215. These would set out in the following years, targeting all frontiers of the Latin world. Iberian crusades against Muslims in Portugal and Spain, the Baltic crusades towards Livonia and Estonia, and the Middle Eastern crusades towards Acre and in Egypt – together they illustrate the diversity of crusading in the early thirteenth century, which has been chosen as the general theme of this conference.

1216 was also an important year for Denmark, where our conference is being held, because in June of that year, the seven year young Prince Valdemar was created king of Denmark to rule together with his father, and Pope Innocent III included him under the protection of the Apostolic See and Saint Peter.

As in former conferences, members of SSCLE are encouraged to present papers on any aspect of the crusades and the Latin East.



 Conference excursion to local medieval churches.
Participants have a look at a recreated Viking boat.
Learning to row like a Viking. 
The banqueting hall of the castle.  Good cheer to end the proceedings.  The incoming and outgoing presidents. 
Some of the St Louis contingent, deep in their ales.